History of Wellingborough Bowls Club

The club started in 1895 behind the Station Hotel, Wellingborough - which is two miles away from its present home. Membership was 10/- a year with no joining fee. Members had to be proposed, and if the candidate was successful the ‘proposer’ was responsible for one-third of the yearly membership. Thus, guaranteeing the new members high moral and behavioural standards.

The club moved in 1911 up to the residential Hatton Park for the princely sum of £950.00. Eventually, there were two greens. The green between Hatton Street and Hatton Park Road was used by the male members of the club. When the ladies section of the club was formed in 1954, they used the green that is now used by everyone. 

The indoor six rinks, bar, dining room and changing rooms were built in 1972 and the club grew to 650 members with leagues and competitions for both men and women.

In 1987 the club subsumed part of the local tennis club and a second green was constructed. Unfortunately, this second green was eventually sold for local housing in 2016/17.

Bob Stenhouse was an international from 1970 to 1984 as either team captain or team manager across the bowling world.

WW1 veterans playing on Wellingborough's green
WW1 veterans playing on Wellingborough's green

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