Wellingborough Bowling Club Tour 2022

Thirty-nine bowlers and non-bowlers travelled to Minehead on the 30th May 2022 and returned on the 3rd June; staying at the Northfield Hotel.  We won at Porlock BC on the Tuesday on a green overlooking the Bristol Channel, on a very sunny but windy day.  On Wednesday we had the morning in the County town of Taunton and then played bowls in the afternoon in a beautiful park.  We narrowly lost that game.

Thursday saw a day out in Ilfracombe.  After a very long journey, we had a good time and returned via a beautiful (but shorter) crosscountry journey.  On Friday we returned to Wellingborough via Oxford for a 'decider'; previously having won and lost one in past years.  We won!

The Northfield Hotel made us feel very welcome and a thoroughly enjoyable time was had by all, during the Jubilee Week.

Next year we are hoping to go to Scarborough in Yorkshire; so if anyone is interested in joining us, please contact either Marilyn or Gill.  There are also lists up in the club.

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