WBC County Winners 2023

Mick and Neil Corbyn.  Family Pairs Runners-up at Leamington 2023.  A massive achievement - well done.

Tina Broderick.  County Singles Winner 2023.  Tina will go into the Champion of Champions 2024.

Tina competed brilliantly at Leamington this year and got to the quarter-finals.

Paul Broderick.  Men's Over 55 Singles Winner

Abby Woodward.  Under 25 Singles Champion.

Abby Woodward and Billie Swift.  Under 25 Pairs Winners.  The pair got to the quarter-finals at Leamington.  Well done.

Ladies Over 55 Fours Champions.  Phyl Parry, Pam Reynolds, Sue Collins and Lorraine McDermott.

Ladies Fours Champions.  Emma Grey, Alison Dring, Abby Woodward and Tina Broderick.  The Cup was awarded by Jan Hunt,  County President.

Top Club Runners-up.   Chris Cooper, Pam Reynolds, Tina Broderick, Debbie Craddock, Alison Dring, Sue Collins, Maggie Coetsee, Emma Grey, Abby Woodward and Marlene Armitage.

Congratulations Dave for securing the  4 Wood County Singles Championship in 2023.  Brilliant achievement.   Runner-up was Paul Broderick, so a clean sweep.

Men's Over 55 Singles Winner - Paul Broderick.

Men's Over 55 Pairs Winners.  Well done to you both, it's good to see new faces on the podium.

Men's Over 55 Fours Winners.   Dave Love,  Bryn Walker, Nigel Hawkins and Paul Broderick.



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